roadworks by cementers


From construction   of driveways to such complex projects as highways, Cementers  adapts its resources and offers its public and private sector customers the techniques and products (asphalt mixes, concrete pavements,  mastic asphalt,  resins) best suited to their specific requirements.

custom furniture by cementers

Commercial fit-out & custom furniture

Cementers also  has a fully equipped workshop that specializes  in  contract furniture for the commercial,  hospitality and retail  sector.  Cementers produces high quality custom built furniture made by highly skilled locally trained craftsmen.  This workshop also  provides the timber joinery work for Cementers building works thus ensuring a high quality finish.

post tensioning solutions by cementers

Post tensioning solutions

As part of our commitment to developing new construction methods and techniques. We are now offering post tensioning solutions for buildings, bridges and damns. With a full design team in hand aimed at primarily value engineering projects in terms of time and budget.

testing facilities at cementers

Testing Facilities

Cementers carry out internal testing which is part of our quality control and quality assurance checks. This facility also houses the research and continuous development department to ensure all products are delivered to the highest quality.

pre-cast at cementers


Cementers offer a wide range of quality pre-cast products for both building and civil works. We can also customize standard pre-cast products for various needs.

design build at cementers

Design & build

Cementers proposed approach  combines the traditionally  separate design and construction phases into a single design-build contract. This parallel process is more collaborative,  and creates buildable and affordable projects that better match budgets and expectations.

asphalt concrete by cementers

Asphalt concrete

Cementers design each aspect of asphalt concrete with expert attention to detail to ensure the finest service to our customers.

Steel Fabrication by cementers

Steel Fabrication

Our metal works workshop carrys out fabrication of contract metal work and optimizes cut and bend of steel reinforcement.